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Soft Name
   Pro_Item:UE-AA15LC  Pro_Name:USB Bridge Cable
 USB Bridge Cable User's Manual  Word  GB&EN  210KB  Download
 Driver for win98/Me/2000/XP NEW!!  1.642  En  1.330MB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-AA15NC-A  Pro_Name:USB Network Link(NC-A)
 catalogue for USB Network Link(NC-A)  20070402  English/简体中文  396KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-AL100  Pro_Name:USB LED light(AL100)
 catalogue for USB LED light(AL100)  20070409  English/简体中文  662KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-AL120  Pro_Name:USB LED light(AL120)
 catalogue for USB LED light(AL120)  20070410  English/简体中文  644KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-AL260  Pro_Name:USB LED double Light(AL260)
 catalogue for USB LED double Light(AL260)  20070418  English/简体中文  589KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-AL30  Pro_Name:USB LED light(AL30)
 catalogue for USB LED light(AL30)  20070407  English/简体中文  846KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-AL60  Pro_Name:USB LED light(AL60)
 catalogue for USB LED light(AL60)  20070408  English/简体中文  672KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-AP50EC  Pro_Name:USB Extension Cable(AP50EC)
 catalogue for USB Extension Cable(AP50EC)  20070404  English/简体中文  409KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-CL5115  Pro_Name:LED Desk clamp lamp
 UE-CL5115_User's_Manual  1.0  English  870KB/PDF  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-FAN30  Pro_Name:USB Fan(FAN30)
 catalogue for USB Fan(FAN30)  20070411  English/简体中文  533KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-LF01  Pro_Name:USB Light & Fan(LF01)
 catalogue for USB Light & Fan(LF01)  20070412  English/简体中文  643KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-LF06  Pro_Name:USB Light & Fan(LF06)
 catalogue for USB Light & Fan(LF06)  20070413  English/简体中文  669KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-PA15CC  Pro_Name:USB TO Parallel(PA15PC)
 catalogue for USB TO Parallel(PA15PC)  20070403  English/简体中文  355KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-PA15PC  Pro_Name:USB TO Printer(PA15PC)
 catalogue for USB TO Printer(PA15PC)  20070403  English/简体中文  355KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-RA15SC-B  Pro_Name:USB2.0 to Serial(RS232)(SC-B)
 Driver for Linux kernel 2.4 or greater  1.35r1  English  28KB  Download
 Driver for win98/Me/2000/XP    English    Download
 Driver for Windows 2000~ Vista64 New!!  2.04.16  English  836KB  Download
 catalogue for USB2.0 to Serial(RS232)(SC-B)  20070405  English/简体中文  305KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-RA5000  Pro_Name:USB Distance Extender(RA5000)
 catalogue for USB Distance Extender(RA5000)  20070406  English/简体中文  380KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-T2103  Pro_Name:Power LED Desk Lamp(T2103)
 catalogue for Power LED Desk Lamp(T2103)  20070425  English/简体中文  367KB /PDF  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-T2203  Pro_Name:power LED desk lamp
 explain for photo(UE-T2203)  20071101  English  550KB/PDF  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-T2243  Pro_Name:Power LED Desk light
 UE-T2243_User's_Manual  1.0  English  401KB/PDF  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-T2402  Pro_Name:LED Desk Lamp(T2402)
 catalogue for LED Desk Lamp(T2402)  20070421  English/简体中文  917KB /PDF  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-T2412  Pro_Name:48LED touch desk lamp(UE-T2412)
 UE-T2412_User's_Manual  1.0  English/简体中文  473KB/PDF  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-TL100  Pro_Name:SB LED Desk Lamp(TL100)
 catalogue for USB LED Desk Lamp(TL100)  20070416  English/简体中文  502KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-TL120  Pro_Name:SB LED Desk Lamp(TL120)
 catalogue for USB LED Desk Lamp(TL120)  20070417  English/简体中文  480KB  Download
   Pro_Item:UE-TL60  Pro_Name:USB LED Desk Lamp(TL60)
 catalogue for USB LED Desk Lamp(TL60)  20070415  English/简体中文  538KB  Download

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